Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings
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Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

Have you ever wondered what goes into a heating or air conditioning system for a large office building or another large building like a mall or a school? My name is Evelyn, and I am an HVAC architect. I design heating and air conditioning systems for large, corporate buildings. Making sure that a large building with many rooms or offices is efficiently heated and cooled is a very large job and is much more complicated than simply heating or cooling a home. This blog will educate the reader on how heating and cooling jobs this large are designed and completed.


Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

  • Avoid Wasting Money On Heating This Year

    29 December 2016

    The cost of heating your home for the winter is high enough without wasting money on unneeded heating costs. Sometimes, it just takes a little upfront investment to ensure that you're not wasting money on your heating bill. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your heater performs smoothly. Avoid Wasted Air Perhaps one of the best things that you can do to conserve your heating expenditures is to make sure that all of the air that's heated is used to its fullest.

  • How To Replace The Upper Heating Element On An Electric Water Heater That Stopped Heating

    28 October 2016

    Has your electric water heater suddenly stopped heating water efficiently? The problem might be the upper heating element, which ensures that the newly incoming water that replaces tank loses gets heated as it arrives. Replacing the upper heating element requires a bit of time but isn't difficult even if you have no water heater experience. If you feel overwhelmed during the process, abort the repair and call a water heater repair service.

  • Safeguarding Your HVAC System Against Hurricanes And Severe Storms

    7 October 2016

    Your HVAC system might be designed to brave the elements, but hurricane-force winds and rain can have a destructive effect on your heating and cooling system. To keep your long-term investment from being damaged by hurricanes and storms, here are some helpful tips you can use before and after the storm. Before the Storm The first thing you want to do long before the storms arrive is make sure your HVAC system's outdoor cabinet (the portion that contains the compressor and condenser) is securely anchored in place.

  • 3 Common Issues With Furnaces

    5 August 2016

    Furnaces are resilient pieces of machinery, and they need to be, considering they have the not-so-humble job of heating the entirety of your house. However, like all machines, furnaces can malfunction or simply cease doing their job or perhaps become slightly less efficient at doing their job. There is usually an explanation for why a furnace is acting this way. Read on and discover what could be causing a number of common issues associated with your furnace.

  • Does A Furnace Repair Have You Considering Installing A New Unit? What To Know

    6 July 2016

    Your furnace is broken again, and the HVAC professional says it's going to be hundreds of dollars or moreā€”do you repair it or get a new unit? The answer is that you should weigh your options to find out what is going to be the best financial decision for your home and what is going to be the best investment long term. Replacing the unit may be the best choice if your current furnace is aging and isn't very efficient.