Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings
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Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

Have you ever wondered what goes into a heating or air conditioning system for a large office building or another large building like a mall or a school? My name is Evelyn, and I am an HVAC architect. I design heating and air conditioning systems for large, corporate buildings. Making sure that a large building with many rooms or offices is efficiently heated and cooled is a very large job and is much more complicated than simply heating or cooling a home. This blog will educate the reader on how heating and cooling jobs this large are designed and completed.


Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

  • Should You Install A New Furnace With Your New Air Conditioner?

    29 April 2022

    HVAC equipment doesn't always have the decency to fail at the same time. It's not uncommon for your air conditioning system to fail, even if your furnace is still working just fine. Unfortunately, residential HVAC systems aren't truly independent. If your home uses forced-air heating, your furnace shares its air handler and ductwork with your air conditioner. When one half of your HVAC system fails, it's often worthwhile to carefully consider replacing the other half.

  • 3 Compelling Reasons To Sign Up For AC Maintenance Plans

    5 April 2022

    With a poorly maintained AC, your home's comfort levels drop, and your wallet suffers due to high energy costs. On the other hand, regular maintenance allows you to address minor issues before they affect your AC's performance or cause system failure. With an annual or bi-annual maintenance plan, professionals can inspect your unit and service crucial components to enhance smooth system operation. Here are three compelling reasons you should sign up for an AC maintenance plan.

  • 3 Benefits Of Routine Air Conditioner Vent Cleaning

    16 March 2022

    Air ducts are one of the most important air conditioning components because they're responsible for circulating cool air around your house. So when they're not well maintained, you won't enjoy comfortable indoor environments even if the cooling unit is in proper shape. That's why you need to commission routine air conditioner vent cleaning. On every cleaning appointment, your technician will blast out all the debris that has accumulated in the vents.

  • Tips For Diagnosing Air Conditioner Issues Without Obvious Causes

    27 January 2022

    When your air conditioner starts to malfunction and the cause isn't immediately obvious, you can often help narrow down the problem by examining specific symptoms. By looking at everything from odors, airflow, air temperature, sounds, and dips in efficiency, you can better establish what's wrong and help ensure it gets fixed more quickly. Strange Smells When your air conditioner runs, you shouldn't be able to detect any odors from the air coming from your vents.

  • Do You Notice Weird Smells Coming From Your AC? Here Are The 3 Most Common And What They Mean

    27 January 2022

    If your air conditioning unit runs efficiently, you won't experience any strange smells. An unusual smell coming from your unit indicates that there are issues that need to be resolved. Remember that AC odor concerns don't necessarily mean that you'll have to part an expensive repair bill. It could be that you have mold growth due to excessive condensation or a dirty air filter. This guide shares the common AC smells that will require you to seek the intervention of an AC repair technician.