Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings
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Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

Have you ever wondered what goes into a heating or air conditioning system for a large office building or another large building like a mall or a school? My name is Evelyn, and I am an HVAC architect. I design heating and air conditioning systems for large, corporate buildings. Making sure that a large building with many rooms or offices is efficiently heated and cooled is a very large job and is much more complicated than simply heating or cooling a home. This blog will educate the reader on how heating and cooling jobs this large are designed and completed.


Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

Troubleshooting Your AC

Nicole Jacobs

Your air conditioner can be a massively important part of your life, especially if you live in a very hot climate. If your AC breaks down, then you could be left horribly uncomfortable. Therefore, it is critical that you understand how to troubleshoot your air conditioner. Here is a list of common AC problems, how to diagnose them, and how to fix them:

AC works in some rooms

In this case, the problem might actual be with your ventilation rather than your air conditioner. The first thing you will need to do is identify exactly which rooms are affected. You should close all the windows and doors in your house, and then let the air conditioning run for a few hours. Check the temperature in each room and you should be able to feel which rooms are getting cold air and which aren't. From this, you should be able to determine which parts of your house are having ventilation problems.

If it's only a single room, then you should be able to open up the vent in that room and hopefully see the blockage. Clearing out the vent should solve your problems. However, if you can't see the blockage or if multiple rooms are affected, then you might need to hire a professional. It can be quite difficult to identify exactly where your ventilation shafts are in your walls, so you don't want to do anything drastic without a professional opinion.

AC doesn't work in any rooms

If you are lucky, this is just a problem with your thermostat or circuit breaker. First, make sure that your thermostat is set correctly. If you recently had a power outage or if you were fiddling with the thermostat, then you might need to adjust your settings. For instance, the temperature threshold at which the AC kicks on might be set too high.

Next, you should go out to your circuit breaker and make sure that nothing has been tripped. This easy step can save you a lot of money because a professional technician will probably charge you, even if all they have to do is flip a switch.

If your AC still isn't working, then you probably have some sort of malfunction in the actual air conditioning unit. The problem might be solved by cleaning out the unit or perhaps by refilling the coolant. In any event, you will want to hire a professional like W.F. Hann & Sons  unless you are extremely familiar with fixing HVAC systems.