Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings
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Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

Have you ever wondered what goes into a heating or air conditioning system for a large office building or another large building like a mall or a school? My name is Evelyn, and I am an HVAC architect. I design heating and air conditioning systems for large, corporate buildings. Making sure that a large building with many rooms or offices is efficiently heated and cooled is a very large job and is much more complicated than simply heating or cooling a home. This blog will educate the reader on how heating and cooling jobs this large are designed and completed.


Designing Heating and Cooling Systems in Large Buildings

  • Considerations For An AC Replacement On A Tight Budget

    23 May 2023

    If you don't think your air conditioner will make it through another season of hot and humid weather, talk to an air conditioning contractor about your options. They might suggest repairs that can help your AC perform better and last a while longer, or they might recommend a new AC installation. If your budget is the most important factor in your decision, you might try to baby your equipment through another season.

  • Pellet Furnace Advantages: Why You Should Consider Pellet Furnace Heating

    28 April 2023

    When you're looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution for heating your home, consider investing in a pellet furnace instead of a traditional oil or gas-burning furnace. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with pellet furnace models and their advantages. You might be surprised at how beneficial these units are for your home.  Cost-Effective With the cost of fossil fuels increasing year over year, you may find that a pellet furnace saves you money over time on fuel.

  • 3 Emergency Residential Plumbing Repair Issues Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

    4 April 2023

    Homeowners may encounter a variety of residential plumbing repairs. Some of them can cause significant property damage. This is why it is crucial to identify emergency plumbing repairs. The following points highlight common plumbing emergencies that should not be delayed.  Toilet Clogs Individuals who have clogged toilets should consider it an emergency if they only have one bathroom. Clogged toilets may have high levels of water and are prone to overflowing.

  • Answers To Sewer Cleaning FAQs

    17 March 2023

    Sewer lines are the pipes that drain waste away from your home into a septic tank or to municipal sewage sites.  Over time, the sewer lines can clog with waste and debris, slowing waste drainage and causing backflows in your home. To avoid these situations, you need to clean your sewer lines regularly. Sewer line cleaning services can help you unclog your sewers for better drainage. Here are some frequently asked questions about sewer cleaning to help you understand the process.

  • Common Problems With Central Air Conditioning

    27 February 2023

    You rely on your central AC unit to cool your entire home on hot nights. When the HVAC system fails to work properly, it can lead to frustration. Luckily, many problems can be resolved with professional AC repair. Learn more about common central AC problems (and what causes them).  1. No Cool Air  In this situation, the unit has power and the correct temperature setting, but it emits warm or even hot air instead of cold air.